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A few things you did not know about CCP Recruitment

Here at CCP we are completely transparent: we have got nothing to hide because we’re damn good at what we do! However we know some people might not be as knowledgeable as others, so we’ll do our best to bring you up to speed.

Here are a few things you may not know about CCP Recruitment.

We’re very, very, very modest
Yes, we’ve been honoured with several industry awards such as the National Recruitment Federation’s Recruitment Consultant of the Year, the FAS Excellence Through People award, Small Firm Association’s Best in HR and Advanced Internet Certified Recruiters with Irish recruiters.

But we’re far too modest to boast, so we won’t even mention all these fantastic accolades we’ve been decorated with.

We’ve been doing this a while.
We’ve been matching the perfect candidates to the perfect jobs since 1997. You don’t last that long without being good at what you do.

We are not the only ones who say it too; check out a few of our testimonials here.

The numbers don’t lie
You can’t argue with figures and if you do it will be a very one sided bout. Here at CCP we get almost 90 per cent of our business from existing customers.

If someone offers you a poor service do you continue coming back? I didn’t think so and that’s exactly why we’ve been successful. We get results by leaving no stone unturned and finding only the most suitable candidates. At the end of process, everyone is happy.

As I said, we’re damn good at what we do, but on second thoughts, scrap the modesty thing.

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