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And the Oscar goes to…….

It’s that time of the year again! Award season is upon us, and with the Oscars fast approaching it will be interesting to see who will be crowned the best of the best for their performances over the last 12 months.

Working in recruitment (I currently recruit for Quality, R&D and Science professionals), I can’t help but draw parallels between the Oscars and the recruitment industry. It’s quite suitable that a high stakes competition amongst the cream of the crop compares well to the candidate selection process; one which both clients and candidates can appreciate.

I’ve observed a few Oscars outcomes which also appear during a recruitment process, ones which we can learn from the next time you find yourself interviewing for a role.

Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

This mantle has to go to Leonardo DiCaprio, being nominated on several occasions to always being pipped at the post. Have you found yourself a front runner throughout the recruitment process, only to miss out on the role by a slight margin? We see it happen to top candidates, and it always comes as a shock.

This outcome goes to show that nothing is a sure thing, and your competition is truly fierce. Your “performance,” although seemingly flawless, is ultimately up to the judgement of a few key individuals.

What can you do to avoid this outcome? Have a think – is this really a role that you truly wanted? Although it can be heart-breaking when you don’t get “your dream job” but it in hindsight perhaps this wasn’t the right one for you. Think of the lessons you can learn and how you can apply these to your next interview. I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason so your chance will come to be the “Bride” when it’s right.


The Dark Horse

Playing the role of the spoiler, the dark horse is the one to inch ahead of the previously mentioned “Bridesmaid.” Typically, the dark horse is the one who is a bit more outside the box, or perhaps one of the last to be considered in the race. When the summer blockbuster “Mad Max” was released, it wasn’t known that it would secure nominations in ten categories, and become a strong contender.


How do you become successful as The Dark Horse? Be confident in your skill set, even if it doesn’t completely match the job description. Play to your strengths, and your long term success in the position.

The Crowd Favourite, Who Receives No Love from the Academy

Without fail, there is always the ultimate snub from the crowd favourite who manages to get left behind, missing out on the opportunity to take the glory we all think they deserve.

Perhaps it’s the recruiter’s favourite candidate who the line manager decides they don’t want to see, or the internal applicant who isn’t deemed ready to take the jump into a new position. This year’s controversial snub seems to be around ‘Carole’, which took 5 of the top prizes at the Dorians, for both the Best Director and Best Picture category.


What lesson can we take from this? Even if you are confident the job is yours, don’t celebrate a win too early. Be on your game throughout the entire process.

These are the three most commonly seen parallels between The Oscars and the recruitment process, are there any others you have seen?

If I can be of any assistance to you in your search for your next Quality, Science or R&D role, please give me a call on 091-730022 or email Nicola@ccprecruit.ie.

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