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As 2015 begins………….

So as another year draws to a close and 2015 begins, it seems somewhat obligatory to discuss New Year resolutions. A large percentage of us will stick to our promises for no longer than a week; so perhaps this year we could reflect back on 2014 instead and see if there is anything we would do different or anything we could improve.

As work has a huge impact on our daily life, let’s have a look how our ‘work year’ went:
· What have you achieved in your current position/ company?

· Did you complete some additional training?

· What obstacles did you overcome in work? What was the most challenging?

· What were your achievements? Are you able to quantify them?

· Are you happy in your current position/ company?

Now, let’s answer this:
· Were you mostly satisfied with your work throughout the year?

· How would you rate your performance in work?

· Which weaknesses’ could you improve?

· Have you identified new areas of improvements?

You would be surprised how much the answers to these questions can influence your work and inspire you for the next 12 months.

Of course if you are insistent on making a list of resolutions, here are some other ones you can consider:
· Get a raise

· Get a promotion.

· Get a new job.

· Reduce stress.

· Try to be more organized in work.

· Improve your work-life balance.

· Find time for yourself!

· Network more effectively.

· Improve your relationship with the boss/co-workers.

· Develop your communication skills.

· Review your academic qualification and assess what level of qualification is required for your current role, a promotion or a new job in 2015. Make a plan to start / attain that qualification.

· Work on a positive attitude towards work. Try the Pendulum Summit 2015….Wisdom form Inspirational Minds.

Even if we can manage to achieve 2 items off this list I think we are on the path to success. Best wishes to everyone for 2015!

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