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Boston Scientific Galway are expanding and have Engineering jobs in Manufacturing, Quality and Operations Support now. 

HERO Recruitment are delighted to partner with Boston Scientific in Galway to offer great career opportunities to experienced candidates returning to Galway, Cork and Clonmel.  We are currently accepting CV’s for:

  • Manufacturing Engineers     
  • Quality Engineers
  • Project Manager
  • Supplier Engineers
  • Sterilisation Engineer
  • Software QA
  • Production Planners
  • Quality Systems
  • Buyer / Planner
  • Senior Global Sourcing Specialist
  • Validation Technician
  • Polymer Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • Equipment Maintenance Engineer
  • Equipment Engineer
  • Design Assurance Engineer
  • Senior Electronics Engineer
  • Senior Industrial Engineer
  • Process Development Engineer
  • Machine Vision Systems Engineer
  • Technical Manager
  • Technicians

Boston Scientific is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices with approximately 25,000 employees and revenue of $8.2 billion in 2009. For more than 30 years, Boston Scientific has advanced the practice of less-invasive medicine1 by providing a broad and deep portfolio of innovative products, technologies and services across a wide range of medical specialties. The company’s less-invasive medical products are used for enlarging narrowed blood vessels to prevent heart attack and stroke, clearing passages blocked by plaque to alleviate pain, opening obstructions and bringing relief to patients suffering from various forms of cancer, performing biopsies and ultrasounds, mapping electrical problems in the heart, placing filters to prevent blood clots from reaching the lungs, heart or brain, treating urological, renal, pulmonary, cerebrovascular and gastrointestinal diseases. The Company’s products help physicians and other medical professionals improve their patients’ quality of life by providing alternatives to surgery. For more information, please visit

Boston Scientific’s mission is to improve the quality of patient care and the productivity of health care delivery through the development and advocacy of less-invasive medical devices and procedures. This is accomplished through the continuing refinement of existing products and procedures and the investigation and development of new technologies which can reduce risk, trauma, cost, procedure time and the need for aftercare.

Boston Scientific in Ireland
Boston Scientific’s first International manufacturing facility was established in Ireland in 1994. There are currently 3 Irish locations-Galway, Cork and Clonmel with approximately 5,500 employees. The company's product portfolio is spread across each location. .

Boston Scientific Ireland is a dynamic organisation - constantly growing, changing and evolving to better meet the needs of our customers and their patients. We believe that the key to the unique success of Boston Scientific in Ireland has been it’s people. A career at Boston Scientific can offer graduates exceptional and rewarding opportunities. We give our people opportunities and challenges - it works for us and our employees, and it can work for you. Due to our success in Ireland, we are continually seeking talented people who are confident and highly motivated, who can display initiative, and the flexibility to work in a fast changing, dynamic and highly rewarding environment. Boston Scientific’s manufacturing philosophy is built around the core tenets of World Class Manufacturing, namely, Quality, Empowerment, Teamwork and incorporates the principles of Lean and Six Sigma. .

Please talk to us today about jobs with Boston Scientific by contacting Deirdre Finnerty +353860468858