Controls Engineer

What Does A Controls Engineer Do?
This is a relatively new job discipline. This is because as technology has advanced so has the need for qualified personnel to manage complex manufacturing systems. A controls engineer designs and develops, installs, manages and maintains equipment that will monitor and control the efficiency of engineering systems and machinery. These engineering professionals are needed in various sectors such as automotive, construction and manufacturing industries.

What Will I Be Responsible For?
Often referred to as control and instrumentation (C&I) engineers. A controls engineer will ensure that all systems and processes are managed and operated efficiently and safely. It will be essential that you have a solid understanding of the principles and operation of automatic control. This is important because you'll want as little human intervention as possible.

To ensure that you will be effective in this job you will have an excellent eye for detail. This is crucially important as you will need to ensure the reliability of systems. The ideal candidate will  be able to work collaboratively with very large teams and problem solve on a daily basis.  The ability to think on your feet and approach problems with a logical mindset is essential. This is important because you will need to ensure that issues are resolved not only as they occur but also on a long term basis.

How Do I Become a Controls Engineer?
This is an engineering discipline that has dedicated degrees available. However as with most engineering roles other degree fields are often accepted by employers, Many computer engineering degrees  will have control engineering modules within them.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?
Those who are early in their careers (1-4 years exp) can expect to earn up to €40,00 and as with most career trajectories as experience is gained the salaries will increase commensurate with experience. states that these professionals with 5-9 years of experience  can expect to earn up to €55,000.

How Do I Progress My Career As A Controls Engineer?
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