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Crossing the generational divide

The modern workplace is a dynamic and diverse environment, made up of people of different ages, nationalities and cultures.

As a result, today’s workplace is one that incorporates people with different values, ambitions, skills and personalities, leading to a range of different opinions on what work itself actually means, and what it should offer the employee.

But what is it that makes us all different in how we approach and view our working lives? Part of the answer to that question lies with the time in history in which we were born.

Baby Boomers

Born between 1946 and 1964, ‘Baby Boomers’ get their name from the surge in births that took place in the wake of the Second World War.

They are serious career people, and it is little wonder when one looks at the environment they grew up in. While the war was followed by an upturn in economic fortune for many, competition for college places and jobs was intense, with a serious shortage of both.

It is this environment that instilled the qualities in Baby Boomers that they are now renowned for: being competitive, hard working, dedicated, loyal, respectful and ambitious.

In line with these qualities, they are more likely to work long hours and stay in the same role for years at a time. They crave the security of a permanent contract, and dedicate much of their lives to their work.

Generation X

Born between 1965 and 1981, Generation X represents a more relaxed view of work life and indeed of life in general, perhaps due to them being born in the liberal ‘60s and raised in the disco dominated ‘70s.

Generation X workers are more focused on achieving that perfect work-life balance. This is not to suggest that they are not driven to succeed in their careers, but rather that they work so they can live, and do not just live to work.

They are more technologically advanced than Baby Boomers and prefer a flexible working environment.

Generation Y

Generation Y, born between 1982 and 2000, are products of the tech generation.

Brought up during a period of great technological advancement, which gave us the widespread use of mobile phones and saw home desktop computers enter our homes, these are the people most at ease with a device in their hands.

They are known to be creative, productive and quick learners, but have also come in for some criticism due to their work happiness being determined by achievement and reward.

This should not be construed as a slight against their work ethic, as Generation Y employees crave meaningful careers that will see them develop personally and professionally. They are very strong minded and are determined to have their opinions heard by management.

Generation Z

Generation Z will be filtering into workplaces in the coming years and are far more tech savvy than their Generation Y predecessors.

They grew up alongside the smart phone and are influenced by bloggers, Youtube, Snapchat and all social media. They are tuned in socially, making them empathetic and easy to work with, and are adept at multi-tasking. They are yet to make their mark in the working world.

The team at Hero Recruitment are fully aware of the different needs of potential employees, and consider this when matching each client to a particular role.

Hero Recruitment has offices in Galway, Cork and Dublin.

For more information call Galway on 091 730022; Cork on (021) 2066287; or Dublin on (091) 6190279. Email hello@hero.ie or find Hero on Facebook and Linkedin.

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