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Do You Speak a Second Language???

In recent years Ireland has become a hub for multinational companies especially within the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and IT sectors, with many choosing to locate their Global Operations in cities such as Cork and Dublin. Yet one of the biggest problems I have come across in recruitment is a shortage of multilingual candidates for our great job opportunities.

The biggest contributing factor is the lack of accommodation and rental prices. According to the latest report released by on 23rd August, there are 20% fewer homes to rent and rental prices have risen nationally by 11%, the largest increase in almost 10 years – now the average rent for a double room in Cork is €433 and in Galway is €416.

For a recruiter, the most frustrating thing is knowing that the jobs are there, the ideal candidates are willing to take the jobs but external factors such as rent and housing are preventing the roles from being filled.

At a recent NRF event, David Owens (Senior VP & Ops International of Solarwinds) said when speaking of the effects of the accommodation crisis on multinational companies, that some companies have been forced to think outside the box to come up with solutions such as allowing employees to work from home and even setting up hubs in ordinary houses as far west as Sneem in Co. Kerry to allow candidates relocating from outside of Ireland to work remotely. However, working from home isn’t always the best option for everyone as some employees will feel they miss out on the social aspect of being in the office while others will struggle with maintaining work-life balance.

Part of the allure for multinational companies choosing Ireland over other countries in Europe is our highly skilled workforce. Why so do we have to look outside the country for multilingual candidates?  Why is it we fall down when it comes to language skills? There are currently 174 language degree courses on offer in major institutions across Ireland and yet more than 70% of Irish people cannot speak a second language, compared to less than half in the rest of Europe. Ireland is the only English speaking country in the Eurozone and yet English is the most widely spoken second language across Europe.


While it is hugely positive to know that things are looking up on the job front here in Ireland, it’s a shame that in some cases the opportunities are sitting here just waiting for the right candidates to take them!

For more information on multilingual roles with leading Multinational companies in Ireland please contact Avril on 0860462367 or

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