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Galway – The Silicon Valley of the West of Ireland

There really is something special about Galway, don’t you think?

Tucked away on the periphery of Western Europe, Galway has defied its geographical position to become a centre of music, culture, the arts, sport and business.

The city itself is the ideal representation of all that is good about Ireland. The streets are vibrant and alive; the sound of buskers, tourists and shoppers creating a buzz that is truly infectious.

Culture is in the air – you can feel it as you walk down those cobbled streets, passed the Spanish Arch, across the bridge and out to the hopping west end, full of late bars and charming eateries.

Theatre and the arts are contrasted with a thriving music and pub scene that displays the best of the talent Galway has to offer. There is a welcoming feel to it all, and this has been recognised by publications at home and abroad.

Last August readers of Travel + Leisure magazine in the US named Galway the ‘World’s Friendliest City – a great achievement, but not at all surprising.

A combination of these factors that has seen Galway city and county designated European Capital of Culture 2020. But the attraction does not end with culture.

In the past 10 years, Ireland has become one of the medtech hubs of Europe. Galway is at the centre of this rise, employing a third of the sector’s workforce.

Global entities like Boston Scientific, Medtronic and many others have supplied thousands of engineering and manufacturing jobs in Galway, while also providing opportunities in a variety of other fields.

Galway is also becoming one of the country’s most prominent IT regions. Organisations like Information Technology Association Galway (ITAG) have played a vital role in this development by marketing the city to national and international companies.

The success of this approach has been exemplified recently by the decision of American insurance firm Metlife to locate its new global technology campus in the city, creating 200 jobs.

More exciting still, the city has become a centre of innovation with the founding and thriving of The PorterShed, an innovation hub that supports high potential start-ups and SMEs.

Located in a building off Eyre Square, The PorterShed allows entrepreneurs to share collaborative spaces, mingle with like-minded people, and to share information.

The infrastructure, business environment and talent pool is all in place, and is set against the backdrop of a city bustling with life, offering a high standard of living and increasingly attractive employment opportunities – Galway really has become the Silicon Valley of the west of Ireland.

Hero Recruitment is proud to work alongside the organisations dedicated to developing Galway’s IT and medical device sectors to their maximum potential in the coming years.

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