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Home is Where the Heart is…

As is usual for this time of year, many Irish living abroad will be ‘home’ for Christmas. Reuniting with family and enjoying a festive season that is as unique as the Irish themselves. So much has changed here since many were lured abroad with the promise of a brighter future and career advancement, away from the struggling cloud of recession.
Home is now the ‘greener grass’, with a trend emerging of Irish returning home preferring to work and raise their families here. A new survey of Irish people who have recently returned from abroad, conducted by Crosscare Migrant Project highlighted that a desire to be closer to family is the most common reason given for moving back home, with 83 per cent saying that was their motivation. Wanting to bring up children in  Ireland was also high on the priority list along with homesickness. In fact being nearer the family support structure is ever more important to us and visiting for Christmas reminds us just how much we are missing.

Source SOLAS

Job opportunities in most areas are definitely on the increase here and thats great news if you are planning to come home. Forecasts from Solas’s research team early this year highlighted that construction employment was predicted to go through the biggest boom with highly-skilled jobs like law, business, and science, engineering and IT also. The trend was highlighted in the latest skills report from Solas for the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs, which found shortages were already cropping up in many areas.

With trends like this set to continue well into the future, maybe its time to reevaluate what being ’home’ has to offer now.
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