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How to secure your ideal job? Can you learn anything from following the World Cup?

How to become successful in getting the ideal position? Is your experience enough? You would like to think so, but no. Have a look at World Cup 2014. So many surprises.

Spain, Italy, England and Portugal are out! These are the countries we would have previously banked on getting through to the finals. But maybe their skills and experience wasn’t enough? Was there anything missing in their performance? Did they have enough determination and belief that they can succeed? Or were they too confident?

The same rules will apply to securing a job. There is a few more factors in addition to skills and experience which are also very important:

1. Outstanding CV

Make sure that your CV is well written. No spelling mistakes, consistent fonts, all relevant positions well explained and achievements included.

2. Interview preparation

Get familiar with the company and the job. Research questions that you can be asked. Practice! Practice! Practice! Don’t ever underestimate what’s ahead of you in the interview.

3. Right attitude and determination

One of the most important parts is to have the right attitude. Make sure that you come across positive, be yourself but professional at the same time. Show your future employer that you are excited about this opportunity. Show them that you are keen to learn new skills and that you are willing to invest in this job. Show them that you care.

4. Be humble

Don’t ever think that you have the job before you even attend the interview. It’s good to be confident but try not to come across as over confident. You have to get the balance right!

5. Self-belief

By far, the most important part is to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe that you can do the job that will come across in the interview. Be confident in your skills and your ability. If you believe you are the right person for the job, your future employer will also.

Determination and self-belief will take you to the finals!

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