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Senior PCBA Engineer

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Michael Brennan
+353 86 440 3742
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Senior PCBA Engineer      

Main responsibilities will include:

  • Actively take part in the creation of both new and old products, from concept through design transfer and release.
  • Participate in the steps of circuit level hardware design, such as architecture and design, component selection, schematic entry, board bring-up, and integration of intricate printed circuit board and cable assemblies into instruments and systems.
  • Effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams, including those for software, mechanical design, and system engineering, while adhering to the project's budget and schedule throughout its many stages of development.
  • Assist project teams with a variety of general tasks connected to ongoing product design and development.
  • Verifies that all agency requirements (UL, IEC, FDA) are met throughout the design process by evaluating and putting designs into practice.
  • Use tools like FMEA to identify and record the primary factor causing system or component failure in the product.Generate design specifications, test protocols, execute/automate testing and associated test reports.
  • Take part in technical design reviews to guarantee the integrity and safety of electrical designs.
  • Create and implement test procedures to ensure design functionality and conformity with global norms, such as CE/EMC.


Preferred Requirements:

  • Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics Engineering or a related field.
  • A solid foundation in analog and digital circuit design, with experience in microprocessors, FPGA, analog circuits for simulations, theoretical analysis, circuit analysis, and board-level simulation.
  • Has knowledge of DC/DC converters.
  • Working knowledge of hardware peripheral interfaces, such as those involving sensors, motors, motor drivers, touch displays, etc.
  • Proven design skills for PCBA boards containing sophisticated components like FPGA, microcontrollers, and DSP processors.
  • Knowledge of SI/PI analysis and design simulation.
  • Testing expertise in compliance procedures such as immunity, current probe emissions, ESD, transient, and radiated emissions.
  • Having knowledge of the following is highly advantageous:
  • It helps to have prior experience creating firmware for embedded systems using communication protocols including I2C, SPI, UART, and CAN.
  • Using a hardware description language like Verilog to construct FPGA designs is advantageous.


For further information on this role in PCBA Engineering please contact Michael Brennan on  or 086-440 3742

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