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Life-Changing Benefits of Contract Software Engineer Jobs

Should You Apply for ?

Software engineering jobs: should you consider working as a contractor? You already know that earnings for contractors can be substantially more than what you could earn as a permanent employee. The extra money is certainly attractive, but it’s not the only benefit of contract software engineer jobs.

Top Reasons to Be a Contract Software Engineer

An old stigma that many people have attached to contract work is that it is for people who can’t find full-time employment. In fact, for many engineers it is an attractive alternative to traditional working arrangements. You’ll have more flexibility in the projects you work on, and you can engineer more free time.

Here are the major advantages of contracting that could benefit your professional and personal life.

·      A Greater Choice of Projects

You have far greater independence as a contract employee in software engineering jobs. You decide the contracts you want to take. This often equates to a happier work life. You enjoy the contracts you work on because you decide to work on them. You’re not dictated to by a manager.

You can design your career around the work you really wish to do, choosing those contracts that will help you progress in the direction you favour. Your CV will read how you wish it to.

·      Remote Work

In contract software engineer jobs, your work is likely to be remotely executed. Even more so now, because of the Covid effect not many people are commuting to work currently.

You can put your skills to work across Ireland, Europe, and the world. This means greater opportunity to take on projects that you are passionate about, all while working from your home office. With no more long commutes, you get to spend more time doing the things you enjoy most. You are also removed from office politics, making it easier to focus on work.

·      Work the Hours You Want

Software engineering jobs can be demanding. Full-time employees are often expected to work late, on weekends, or into the night without extra pay. As a contractor, you can set the hours that you work and your rates for extra hours if they are required.

This gives you more flexibility to design your career around your life, and not have to fit in your life around your work.

·      Be Your Own Boss

In a contract position, you are essentially your own boss. This is a big change from being a full-time software engineer, in which you typically do work that is assigned to you. As a contractor, you can say no to work that is outside of your contracted remit.

·      Take advantage of the benefits of being a contractor

Ads a contractor, you’ll soon learn that there are many benefits that you don’t have as an employee. These include:

  • Higher earnings potential
  • Greater flexibility of the work you do
  • Beneficial tax arrangements
  • A better work/life balance

For more information, read our article ‘Why Are So Many People Leaving Engineering Jobs to become Independent Contractors?

To Sum Up

Contract software engineering jobs offer greater flexibility and the opportunity to improve your skillset by taking on jobs that help you design the career you want.

With greater control over your work life, the hours you work, the projects you work on, and the organisations you work with, you’ll find that your quality of life improves. When was the last time you were genuinely happy about your work and your earnings?

If you are ready to make the change from full-time to contract and need help finding a contract software engineer job, contact HERO today.

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