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Millennials want their cake and eat it too!

Why not have it all. We think they should. The new generation of employees (Millennials) have evolved to have a more relaxed yet focused approach to their working environment and with less sense of loyalty to their employers. They want a more work/life balance are prepared to change jobs as they see more of what they want in a new position.


Today’s job seekers top criteria appears to be based on:


Meaningful Work

A recent survey (PwC’s 14th Annual Global CEO Survey), indicated that ‘meaningful work’ rated as the highest motivator for job satisfaction. In fact 77% of participants stated that their ability to excel in their job is contingent upon deriving meaning from their work. “Meaning” in this sense is defined as allowing the opportunity to:


(a)  Share your gifts

(b)  Make an impact in the lives of others

(c)  Live your desired quality of life



Flexible Working Hours

69% of Millennials say they believe office attendance on a regular basis is unnecessary and 89% prefer to choose when and where they work rather than being placed in a 9-5 position. This is because they measure productivity by work completed, not by time spent in the office.

The ability to be flexible with when and where they do their work allows them to make more room for family and personal pursuits, aspects which they hold in high regard. For this reason, 45% of Millennials will choose a workplace with more flexibility over one with higher pay.


Training and Development

Today’s job seekers are eager to continue expanding their skill sets and amassing knowledge, holding intellectual stimulation as a top factor in workplace motivation.

Beyond understanding how to perform a task – Millennials want to know why. 95% said that they are motivated to work harder when they understand the importance of a particular task within the context of the company’s big-picture goals.


Social and Fun

Arguably, everyone wants to have fun – but Millennials want and even expect it in the workplace. With their less formal, task-oriented approach to work – they want to be able to have light moments in the workplace. This shouldn’t be confused with laziness or lack of professionalism – indeed, Millennials find business value in bonding with teammates and taking a break for creative inspiration.

Not surprisingly, 90% of Millennials want their workplace to be social and fun, and 88% say that a positive company culture is essential to their dream job.

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