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Networking and the Value of Networking

As a recruiter for Quality Engineering jobs in Ireland I have learnt the value of networking. The candidates we recruit into these jobs are not in abundant supply and therefore establishing trusting and partnering relationships has proven key in my network. Networking over the past decade has become a huge part of doing business in Ireland. It involves forming and maintaining a strong circle of contacts and that can be helpful to your career. A solid network will serve you well for years to come. However the word itself can make anyone nervous.

Easy ways of networking include:
Volunteer for projects in work and make yourself available, expand your lunch partners or talk with new colleagues.
Join a professional organization within your field, for example Engineers Ireland or CIPD.
Attend meetings and gather new information and knowledge presented through seminars and speakers.
Networking is establishing and maintaining informal relationships with people whose acquaintance or friendship could bring advantages such as job or business opportunities.

Like all good relationships, networking relationships are reciprocal—each person in the relationship should get and give something, is hoping to give and receive information, advice, and referrals.

There are many misunderstandings about networking. Networking is not asking everyone you meet for a job or asking them to pass your resume along to their human resources department/manager. It means building relationships so that you feel comfortable asking for information, advice, and referrals. Networking is about meeting people who might be an appropriate connection, then building a strong connection in order to access your desired information and advice.

Cliona O’Malley

CCP Recruitment Consultant

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clionaomalley

Email: cliona@ccprecruit.ie

Phone: 091730022

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