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Objective Employee Assessment in Galway

It has long been accepted that ‘people hire on skills and fire on attitude’ so why not hire on attitude first. Selecting the ‘right’ candidate from a shortlist can be extremely difficult and quite daunting for many employers. Although interviews can determine how candidates can interact in one specific situation it does little to determine how they will fit into the culture of a business. CCP Recruitment use SHL in both their Cork and Galway office to assist clients in selecting the right candidate.

True objective assessment involves a structured and scientific method of understanding and measuring people’s performance. It is vital for organisations looking to recruit the best people and to get the most out of the people who work for them.

SHL in conjunction with leading psychologists have formulated a testing system designed to reveal over 260 important personality characteristics of potential employees. The questionnaire which assists in defining competencies, measuring ability and understanding personalities, has become an essential tool for many employers.

Up until recently only trained psychologists were qualified to interpret the results. Michelle Kilcar, Director of CCP Recruitment is one of the people trained directly by SHL to administer and interpret this comprehensive profiling system. “CCP Recruitment often use personality profiling to assist our clients’ selection process,” said Michelle, “Now, as a qualified interpreter I can speed up the selection process and pin point specific areas of particular importance to my clients.”

Personality profiling is incredibly accurate and can save on making some costly mistakes for employers. As Michelle Kilcar points out, “without a doubt more of our clients want assurances that they are selecting the right person and these tests help put their minds at ease.”

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