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Pound of Flesh

Why would you bother using a recruitment agent? What do they do anyway? They submit my CV and make money on the back of my interview, my effort, my success……

As a black and white engineering and supply chain professional such was my own impression – for at least 10 of my 16 years in the field. Yet despite my impression the facts spoke otherwise – two out of four job moves in this period were directly supported by one recruitment agency – CCP.

Since then I have moved over to the dark side. Seeking flexible work hours I returned to work with CCP recruitment as their supply chain recruitment consultant and seeing the other side of the recruitment coin has been a real eye opener!!

As jobseekers we are not privy to who or how many other people have applied for a role, what the hiring manager will look for, what will get you past that first hurdle from CV submission to interview. You are working in the dark with only a job description to steer your efforts. Understanding the jobs market, the big picture of where your skills lie in the current available talent pool, what hiring organisations are really looking for, and how your skills, your CV and your work history are perceived in that context is a mystery to the average job seeker –

So this is where your recruitment consultant can really help you. They have the birds eye view on the jobs market and the field of current available jobseekers. Use them!!

So again, why would you bother using a recruitment agent? What do they do anyway?

The inside track – When a company asks a recruitment agency to source talent for a new role the recruitment consultant will meet with the hiring HR personnel and the functional manager to really understand what they are looking for. This insight can give you a huge competitive advantage and is not always directly aligned to the job spec as documented. So to hit the right notes and glean all of the relevant background to differentiate yourself as a candidate – Use your recruitment consultant

Access to roles – In Ireland and Europe in general the number one way people hear about their new job is via agency. Some companies will only process applications via agency so to access all areas – Use your recruitment consultant!

Free Interview Coaching – Very often when we change jobs it has been a while since we have sat in the interviewing seat. As Europeans and in particular Irish employees, selling ourselves does not come easily. We need to work at it. Your recruitment consultant should take the time to coach you for interview. Take the opportunity to do a full dry run with an objective assessor – Again Use them! It’s free!

Free CV preparation advice – When you scan 40 CV’s a day you know what catches the eye and what does not. Your CV gets you the all-important interview. Your recruitment consultant can advise you here – Use them! It’s free!

Free Careers Counselling – So in the current jobs market where are you well positioned to succeed? What kinds of jobs and what salary should you target. Your recruitment consultant has the bird’s eye view – Again Use them!

So I have sat on both sides of the recruitment fence and I now see the power of the resource at hand that I never truly appreciated prior to this experience.

However one final word of caution. When you choose your recruitment agency – choose wisely. Do your homework on the recruitment agency that you choose and then work with them to make them work for you. Choose an agency and consultant that is expert in your area that represents the key clients in the city / county in which you are seeking employment. Open all doors!

Happy Job hunting!


Brídín Quinn on behalf of CCP recruitment

Specialist recruiter – Supply Chain, Business Systems and Operational Excellence, Executive and Key Contributor positions.


Linkedin profile : https://ie.linkedin.com/in/bridinquinn


CCP Recruitment – Shortlisted for recruitment agency of the year in 2015, Recipients of Recruiter of the year award from the National Recruitment federation 2015, Delivering excellence in Supply chain, Engineering, Operations and quality recruitment.

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