Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are two management approaches that have a lot in common. The big difference is that they focus on different aspects of the quality process. QC focuses on the quality of produced output. Whereas a Quality Assurance Engineer manages the processes that ensure quality. Quality Assurance prevents mistakes and defects in manufactured products by ensuring that processes and procedures are followed. This avoids problems when delivering products or services to customers.

What Does A QA Engineer Do?
Quality Assurance Engineers are responsible for assessing the quality of specifications and technical design documents. This ensures timely, relevant, and meaningful feedback. In addition, they are involved in planning and implementing strategies for quality management and testing.

What Will Be My Key Responsibilities?
As a Quality Assurance Engineer, you will need to ensure that key KPIs are identified at the beginning of each project. This will allow you to benchmark project success as you continue. Your key duties will be to test products and identify any problems. Following that, you will need to recommend solutions to resolve any issues. You will consistently research ways to improve the quality of products. This will be done through collaboration with your peers and other teams to ensure that project plans are managed and executed to plan. 

With so many teams involved you will need to ensure any impediments to project delivery are resolved at pace. This will ensure that you will be implementing continuous improvement initiatives.

How Do I Become a QA Engineer?
To begin your career in this discipline you will need a degree in one of the following: software design, engineering, or computer science. 

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?
The average quality assurance engineer salary in Ireland is €70,375 or hourly rate of €34. As with all roles your salary will depend on your level of experience and the demand for your skills and qualifications in the market.

How Do I Progress My Career As QA Engineer?
Hero pairs the finest engineers with some of the most established life sciences businesses in Ireland. If you’re looking for a career as a quality assurance engineer make sure you submit your CV with us today or speak to our experts at HERO Recruitment to find more about what job opportunities there are for qualified engineers.