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Sales as a Career?

Sales as a Career?

As a Recruiter specializing in offering job opportunities in Sales, I am fortunate enough to get to speak with lots of great candidates and clients on a daily basis from junior level Telesales reps to Country Managers in SME’s and multinational companies. The one thing I notice they all have in common is they all have an intrinsic desire to help others and build relationships.

This got me thinking a lot about my own motivations and why one might choose a career in sales.

Why choose a job in Sales?

The Thrill of Victory!

Working in a Sales job gives you a sense of accomplishment – Closing a sale is not just a matter of promoting something and getting payment. Many sales people really get a feeling of accomplishment after they close a sale because they know that it was they who made the sale happen!

Become a Rock Star in your Field!

The number one misconception about sales is simple. People go into sales because they are looking for a job. Sales isn’t a job, it’s a profession. You get professional training, wear professional attire, and receive professional experience. For many corporate recruiters, when they see a resume with a solid sales background, it’s guaranteed interview.

Show me the money!

In sales, we don’t measure our success in dollars per hour. Many sales positions don’t pay a salary or an hourly wage. Commissions can be scary, but in an hourly position, you can get fired for not doing your job. In an hourly position, your hours can be cut or increased based on your performance. If you’re doing really well, you are rewarded with a raise or a bonus. The difference is, when working on commission, you have complete control.

The average Sales Director can earn up to €130k yearly, while a Junior telesales rep has an earning potential of €40k. Not bad for an entry level role!!


Like a boss!

Being in sales and managing your territory is like running your own small business while having the support and financial backing from an organization.  A sales career can provide you with the entrepreneurship and creativity of running your territory as a business where you are the CEO, marketing, sales and operations person.  The way I look at it, it is comparable to being a franchise owner where my business is supported by a national brand with established products and marketing and I am selling the products that I do not have to create or develop as my main focus is on gaining business and sales.

Make a Positive Difference!

Pursuing a job in Sales you deal with customers. It’s about serving others and adding value to their lives. This creates long lasting success in any profession.
The sales profession, when done right, is about helping people get what they want. When you do that, you too inevitably get what you want. But you have to keep their needs ahead of yours, or they will see right through you. Not to mention, making customers happy is very gratifying.

Some interesting market entail

IT sales is the area that continues to grow as more and more companies enter the Irish market looking to hire “inside sales” people. Typically, they are technology or software companies targeting UK and European clients and in a lot of cases desire languages and qualifications.

Sales jobs on the FMCG side has seen a small growth at mid-tier level such as key accounts and territory sales. This is expected to continue and potentially create demand for junior sales roles as a result of them.

Other areas that are expected to grow are technical jobs such as sales engineers and technical sales consultants in engineering and construction for experienced people. There was some growth in 2015 and in the early part of 2016 another surge is expected.

My own job is sales and I have to say I love it.  I take great pleasure in finding people their ideal job opportunity in Sales.  If a sales job is what you’re looking for then let me help.

Please give me a call, Valerie Lenihan @ HERO Recruitment on +021 206 6287

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