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Shifting Gears Part 10: Zoom Boomers

Shifting Gears Part 10 – ZOOM Boomers

In this final article of Shifting Gears, we wanted to reflect on our change in communication styles during the past few weeks and what that means for future business practices and job opportunities.

Although we are physically isolated from each other now we are certainly making up for it via social media and platforms such as Zoom. This face to face communication goes somewhere to making up for the lack of ‘the real deal’ but also begs an important question. Will a new generation of face to face calls finally become more of a reality? Amazingly 75% of millennials preferred to text or even email than talk, which is not only more impersonal but highly inefficient in a business sense.  Why is there such a disconnection in an age where technology allows us for so much more? These answers go deeper into social understandings but what we do know is this. Zoom style communication is absolutely booming now as people are trying to gain a more genuine experience with other individuals and groups. As our current distancing could well go on for many months to come in different forms, it looks like this trend is here to stay long term. It finally feels like we have now accepted video meetings as a normal everyday technology. With this idea more formally entrenched in business practises now could we see the floodgates open for a lot more remote working going forward?

There is no doubt that a physical one on one meeting is still the best way to make an intuitive decision, seeing someone on screen certainly dispels many ‘trust’ issues that go along with emails, texts or even phone calls. In general, now we are a lot more comfortable utilising this technology, purely through its current necessity. This may in turn change the way the recruitment process works too, with larger companies more willing to make decisions on overseas hires. Recruitment companies themselves have been using this technology to connect with their candidates on a more personal level and, in turn deliver a better service to them as individuals.

At this time where we are forced to be apart physically we have actually become closer in some ways.

Whatever your current situation, try and embrace and adapt to this rapid rate of change we are all experiencing. There is no doubt there are tough times ahead, especially for some sectors of our community and workforce, so this is the time we need to support and help each other to the best of our ability. Every day we are experiencing how people from around the world are uniting for a common cause.

From all the team at HERO we wish you and your families well in the days and weeks ahead.

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