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Shifting Gears: Part 2 – Remote Control

Shifting Gears Part 2: Remote Control

Working from the comfort of your own home seems like the ideal scenario for many but unless you’re prepared it can be a minefield of distractions and frustrations. Most of us are used to the discipline and routine of an office environment and when faced with the hidden temptations of your home environment find it too much to bare. There is hope though and you can actually achieve greater productivity and satisfaction in a shorter space of time if you follow a few simple steps. As with all of our tips and techniques there is not a ‘one shoe fits all’ solution but after all this is about self-discovery as well so don’t be too hard on yourself. We will all adapt, and just think of all the good we are doing to our planet by eliminating our commute times alone.

1. Invest in reliable tech

Access to good broadband is integral for remote working success, but there’s more to a successful setup than an internet connection. The ability to take video calls without losing connection can be essential so you should consider what tools and tech you’ll need to do your job well. Consider also your physical posture and ergonomic office furniture as well. Most of all though resist working from bed late at night while catching up on your Netflix fav. series, yes we’ve all done it at some point.

2. Consider your workspace

Your home wasn’t built to be an office but you need to find a space where can be dedicated to just this. This helps you focus and switch your mind into gear when tasks need to be completed. As tempting as it might seem don’t make it the kitchen or anywhere you can see the fridge! Also think about distractive noises, and who else will be around your environment during your work hours. If you have kids no doubt this will be a major factor. Remember they won’t be used to these kind of boundaries either.

3. Discover how you work best

As nature intended we are all unique so observe what works for you. When do you do your best work? Some people thrive in the morning while others creative juices don’t flow till the evening. Sometimes certain types of tasks are better done at different times also. You might also find you are actually more focussed and less distracted by office politics and gossip so that might mean you can do in six hours, what used to take you eight. Maybe you’ll be able to take that extra two hours to enjoy more family time. Watch and observe, you’ll find the right balance and who knows, you could discover that 4-day week you always wanted is just around the corner.

4. Don’t feel isolated

When we are constantly asked to distance physically remember, in this amazing time of technology, you don’t need to feel isolated. Use platforms such as Slack or even WhatsApp or Zoom to form working groups where you can share milestones and simply communicate daily. It’s in our nature to be social and it’s essential for good mental health.

5. Take time for you

Make sure you develop a work-life balance. Commit to your fitness routine and make sure that you’re creating blocks in your schedule to eat healthy, nutritious meals so that you can be focused and productive when you need to be. For example, a 20-minute cycle or walk during the day can do wonders for your mental health and productivity. This will, in turn create a happier and healthier relationship in your home and with whoever you are cohabitating with. If you are living by yourself, it’s especially important to communicate with others now. This is a great time to reconnect to people that we may have lost touch with and just remember… you are not alone.

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