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Shifting Gears Part 3: Spring Clean Your Online Profile

Spring Clean Your Online Profile

Whether you are facing finding a new job, or unclear what the future may hold, the time is right for getting prepared. We can take advantage of these unpredictable days by getting clarity about what we want, and the type of role that may lead to a more fulfilling career or simply opening up potential in your current specialism. Spring is a time for new beginnings so don’t let this opportunity pass you by, clean out that inbox and focus on the best person you can be.

Humans are instinctively social, throughout history we have lived and worked in groups and communities; from the rural village to large corporations, we are used to working and living together. Although we are currently confined to our homes, we can still maintain connections, and even cultivate new ones.

Social media platforms are an excellent way to connect. Getting in touch with former colleagues, managers, consultants and contacts you haven’t spoken to for a while is a good place to start. A friendly message to see how they’re doing can re-establish connections. Finding new groups within your industry, message boards and blogs can expand your network, as well as a fostering community spirit. It’s all about joining the dots and opening your field of view to new and exciting possibilities. Treasure this moment while it’s here because before you know it we’ll most likely all be back to work. This forced pause can allow us time to reflect.

So think about how to put your best foot forward. Taking advantage of this time by investing in your image is a great way to prepare. Updating your social media profiles, LinkedIn profile and CV are a good start. If, like most people, you have been too busy to update your credentials, now is the time. There are many free online CV builders which are excellent for revitalising your CV and technology has come a long way so look at video as a key sales tool to let people know who you really are.

Taking advantage of the time is key. Making connections and staying in touch are an excellent way to maintain a sense of community and strengthen new associations, while most importantly remaining mentally fit.

Wayne Dyer puts it beautifully “ When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

Here’s a few links to get you underway:

Top tips to update your profile on LinkedIn

A great platform to create a video CV with a polished edge

Think about creating a video podcast and forming a following for your specialism

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