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Shifting Gears Part 6: Consider Contracting

Consider Contracting

If there’s been any time to consider contracting, now is that time! With the unfortunate closures of so many small and large businesses, permanent and part-time workers will start to shift their mind set to contracting out their particular skills, expertise and knowledge to one or more companies. This can also align well with remote working and the freedom to work in new locations. The safety net of having stable roles over extended periods has been quite shaken up by the global crisis but it may be inadvertently forcing the global workforce into becoming more autonomous and creative in new and exciting ways. It may allow people who have unique talents to share them more freely with others as well as people having the opportunities to develop latent talents for future work opportunities. You can become a specialist in your chosen field of interest!

It has been heartening to see the cooperation between occupations to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. Irish engineers, designers and doctors have been teaming up to work on innovations such as the Open Source Ventilator group, a group looking to develop easy-to-assemble, low-cost ventilators using 3-D printing. It’s through individual and group expertise that projects like this can succeed and why contracting can be such an important way of bringing people together to achieve great things.

Contracting has a wide range of benefits, one of them being flexibility. You can choose the hours you want to work and the type of assignments you want to take on. It also allows you to have a more balanced work and lifestyle but it also presents the challenge of being more disciplined with the way you utilise your time at home and outside the home. Some contractors are very happy to work from home while others prefer to go somewhere else to work. The upside of contracting is that it allows you to build up a wider network of contacts and be able to command a premium on pay.

You’ll also be working with a wide range of people from different cultures and working styles. This kind of experience is invaluable and creates tolerance and understanding towards others as well – just what the world needs at this time. You’ll also be learning while contracting as you’ll be introduced to new projects, working environments and systems in a number of different organisations and businesses. This of course will increase your value and help you increase your pay in your next project.

Contracting may well be the future of work in the immediate to long-term future for most people. As A.I (artificial intelligence) becomes more of a reality over the next few years to peoples’ livelihoods, humans from all around the globe will have to find unique and creative ways to earn a living and hopefully from what they have a love and passion for! That is not something a computer has the capacity to do – to be intuitive, creative and one-of-a-kind!

Have freedom, make a difference – go contracting!!

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