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Shifting Gears Part 8: Lights, Camera, Action

Lights, Camera, Action – Video conferencing

By now we should all be getting used a new way of working remotely and today we are going to talk about one essential aspect .. video conferencing. Whether you’re catching up with colleagues or preparing for an online interview remember perception is everything so here’s a guide to the do’s and don’ts of video conferencing… and don’t worry, even the most professional people get it wrong sometimes.

Craft your space
It’s important to find a private space beforehand. Make sure when you set up your camera it has an unobstructed view of you. Don’t sit too far or close to the camera. If you’re using a separate camera, place it close to your screen so it appears as if you’re looking at the person you’re talking to.

Lighting is also key to looking your best, if possible, sit facing a large natural source of light during the day or place a light above and behind your computer along with a general ceiling light at night. Test and see how you’re looking before you go on your call as well.

Having a look what is around you is essential. Treat your surrounds like a stage, it tells your story. Clear any rubbish and take note of what is around you. People really don’t want to see you dirty laundry so just be aware.

Check your appearance
One of the best parts about working remotely is getting to wear those old comfy track pants all day, but that may not be the right move for a video call. Dress how you would for a real meeting, and make sure to follow your normal work dress code. Also remember to avoid stripes, it’s an old professional broadcasting tip but it’s relevant to us all now.

Stay Focused
Be engaging during the call. You might feel tempted, but try not to do any other work or send emails and please never look at your phone. Also try to look into the camera when you talk. When you’re not talking, make sure you’re paying attention to whoever’s speaking or sharing their screen and that you’re looking at any materials you may need to reference.

Keep in mind that you’re more visible on video calls as opposed to offline meetings, since you get to see close-ups of everyone’s face individually. Keep your own face visible on screen and remember  that you’re always on camera.

Remember you’re live
Remember when you share your screen you are opening up your desktop to all your callers to. Keep it clean and uncluttered as well as closing your emails and quitting applications that are not required. Most importantly keep sensitive information hidden.

With these easy tips you’ll come across as the best version of yourself!

Good luck

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