Karl Lippett

IT: Senior Recruitment Consultant

I'm a veteran in the industry at the youthful age of 42! Over the years, I've learned so much about people and their unique talents. It's been a wild ride, from managing European office startups for global companies to crafting custom talent strategies that find that needle in a haystack.
I've had the privilege of working in different corners of the world, from the vibrant streets of San Francisco to the bustling hubs of Dublin and London. But no matter where I've been, one thing remains constant: the power of active listening. By truly hearing people's desires and aspirations, I cut through the noise and uncover what they truly want.
Right now, my recruitment expertise lies in the exciting realm of IT. I'm always on the lookout for the best talent out there, and my curiosity about the field extends beyond just work. If we happen to meet, and you work in IT, you can bet we'll have a deep and meaningful conversation about your profession, perhaps over a pint. I'm genuinely fascinated by the emerging technologies that shape our future, and I just seem to click with the lightning-fast pace of the IT sector.
Through my journey, I've built an incredible network of exceptional IT talent and global business leaders. Bringing together these brilliant minds is what gets me up in the morning. I take immense pride in staying at the forefront of our industry, and I believe it's a testament to the respectful and mutually valued relationships I've fostered along the way.
So, if you're ready to take your IT career to the next level or if you simply want to connect with a recruiter who's got your back, look no further. Let's join forces and make magic happen in the ever-evolving world of IT recruitment

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