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Travelling home for Christmas – why not make the move a permanent one?

It is that time of year again, when many Irish living overseas are making the journey home to their families to celebrate Christmas.

For some, the idea of making a permanent return home will surely be on their minds, and now may just be the best time since the recession hit in 2008 to make such a move.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone passing judgement on those who left the country in the past eight years. The recession not only brought a reduction in opportunities, it also carried with it a hopeless mood to our daily lives – you could almost physically feel it as the crisis deepened.

However, Ireland today is a far different place than that of just a few years ago. Austerity has been endured, but ‘the times they are a changing’ and Ireland is re-emerging from its economic woes, shown by a 12.5% fall in the number of people unemployment in the last 12 months.

New opportunities are opening up in so many fields. The medtech sector has grown phenomenally and continues to do so, providing employment to around 30,000 people countrywide, making Ireland the second largest employer for medtech professionals in Europe per capita.

The IT sector has also experienced great levels of growth, with a whole range of opportunities now available in a variety of fields, including financial service providers, healthcare organisations, insurance companies,  and in so many other companies relying on managed services providers for day-to-day IT needs.

Opportunities in the financial sector are wide ranging and the possibilities provided by Brexit will see this increase further. Ireland is obvious destination for financial services companies to move their EU headquarters to, many of which are already in the process of doing so, and the country must rise to the challenge of providing the workforce to accommodate this increase.

Added to all of this, a report commissioned by the Construction Industry Federation states that the industry can sustain an additional 112,000 jobs up to 2020. This will service engineering jobs as well as providing thousands of those in the trade industry with employment.

The Government’s commitment remains to provide 200,000 jobs by 2020, including 135,000 outside of Dublin.

So, 2017 and beyond promises to be an exciting time in Ireland, a time when opportunities are on the increase for those who may be thinking of making their journey home a permanent one. The reality is that the country needs its talent back to facilitate this expansion.

If you are thinking about making a permanent move home and would like to find out more about the jobs in Ireland available in medtech, IT, the finance sector and much more, contact the dedicated team at HERO Recruitment for more information on (091) 730022 or email for IT jobs, manufacturing engineering jobs, quality engineering jobs, supply chain jobs, R&D Engineering jobs, finance jobs, language jobs.

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