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Up the Creek without a Paddle…..without Software Automation Engineers

So lets’ get the paddle out and see what can be done.
Skill shortages in the area of Software Automation are apparent in the industry at this time, don’t you think?… I’m wondering are recruiters out there finding it equally as tough at the moment to source good software automation engineers with three to four years’ experience.

Why do we find ourselves in this position, have we not learned the lessons of the past?

Is it because demand has suddenly increased? There is an obvious increase in demand across Europe and beyond. Irish highly skilled engineers are attracted to the experience, the standard of living, the lifestyle, less harsh taxation regimes, and can be sourced easily with the current trends on social media, Perhaps there is an increased trend and sense of it’s the done thing to go abroad for a while that has led to the mobility of a generation of highly skilled engineers. The problem is how do we get them to come back.

The graduates are now in the market and we have excellent third level programmes that have been put in place, and with much support from the manufacturing companies ensuring programmes are specific to meet needs going forward. It doesn’t solve the immediate problem though of a shortage of experienced engineers.

How do we attract our more Senior Automation Engineers who have found lucrative contracts abroad, back to Ireland.
Get the word out, Ireland is a great place to work once again to work, why ….? We get great summers now it’s even warm when it rains. That won’t cut it I’m afraid.

The Irish finance powers had a dream, to offer some tax breaks or free water or a reduction on LPT for a period to returning expats in certain areas where there are skill shortages. Hoping that they might flood back into the country… Ah it was a dream.

But on a more serious note: how could we make it a more attractive option for our Software Automation expats or any of our skilled Engineers for that matter to come back.

I’m interested in your ideas.
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Email: colette@ccprecruit.ie

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