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Why choose a job in Quality?

Years ago, quality jobs in manufacturing were usually portrayed as a female/male in a white lab coat walking around the shop floor with a clipboard. Exciting? Not so much! That stereotype of quality is long out of date. Companies have now come to realize that quality no longer can be embedded in a single department but rather needs to be extended throughout the whole company.

A Quality Engineer is now the life and soul of any company. Quality has to be embedded into the root of all organisations and is a continuous recruiting requirement for most companies. Whether you are starting out on your career in Quality or looking to progress into a management role this is definitely a root to be seriously considered for all new Engineering graduates. It is a quality engineers duty to improve efficiency, set up quality systems and have responsibilities and to research many fields, such as automation and tooling, process optimization, new testing methodologies and so on. Quality Engineers as mentioned before gets an insight into all departments from concept right through to completion. QEs identify opportunities to make changes so that errors can be reduced and quality improved. A day in the life of a Quality Engineer is important, fun and challenging.

Having said all this communication is critical for a QE so that they can liaise with suppliers, customer, other engineers and managers. They are the force that hold it all together!!

So what do you need to do now… contact me of course! I have over 3 years’ experience in recruiting for all areas of Quality Engineering, and would be delighted to chat to you in relation to your next step on your career path.

So here’s how to get to me: cliona@ccprecruit.ie or 091730022/0868395533

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