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“You may have Silicon Valley, but we’ve got….Cork.”

You may have Silicon Valley, but we’ve got…Cork.”

An outlandish statement on first viewing, but one which proves true on closer inspection – Cork has become a tech-hub for large multi-nationals and if you are looking for work in this industry, there is no better place to be.

Let us look at the evidence!

Plenty of opportunity
There is a constant stream of new IT jobs in the region – whether it be from established industry names, such as Apple, who last year revealed a plan to create 500 additional jobs on top of the 2,800 already there, or new kids on the block, like FireEye, who announced 150 new jobs just last month.

A Promising Future
This trend looks like it’s not going to disappear any time soon either, with plans to develop fibre infrastructure in the region sure to attract the next generation of internet giants.

The fact that many tech companies who are located in Cork survived the economic downturn suggests that these firms are there for the long-term, and may emulate the loyalty of Cork’s flagship IT company – Apple, who has been in the region since the early 80’s

Not just for the IT crowd
Of course those in IT have reaped the reward from Cork becoming one of Europe’s technology capitals, but it is not just these clued in workers who are enjoying success. The region is benefiting from several other growing industries, such as medical devices, pharmaceutical and financial.

There is an array of opportunity for most professionals, from accountants to facility managers, in a city which is constantly growing.

Here is a list of jobs we are currently recruiting for in the area.

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