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Your New Journey

What an amazing two weeks it has been in Rio! The Olympics has entertained us with world class talent from a range of sports to suit us all.

Every Olympian has their interest and in turn, sets a goal. They train, they prepare and they do everything they can to be nominated to represent their country and overcome every obstacle along the way.

As a recruitment consultant specializing in recruiting for jobs in Supply Chain and IT,  I understand how important it is to see new talented and motivated candidates arising everyday.

With a constant rise in jobs within the IT sector in Ireland we need to select candidates that have a clear goal and are willing to prepare to the best of their ability to meet the objectives of our clients .

The journey a candidate can take on their job search can vary …


A walk in the park

Skibbereen brothers Paul and Gary O Donovan took home Ireland’s first ever Olympic rowing medal during the event. The brothers won the hearts of the nation with comical interviews that had us all behind them. The comic pair’s passion for rowing got them where they are today. They trained and prepared and set out to Rio to put their talent into action. When asked about the tactics they were going to employ for the final Paul said they were going to ‘pull like a dog’


A to B as fast as you can go, close your eyes and pull like a dog’


A journey for a candidate may not come across as such of a light hearted gamble but for some they are so focused and determined that they set their mind to the interview process infront of  them and work as hard as they can to get the winning place.


Too close for comfort

Mo Farah may have taken the gold medal home for his performance during the 10,000m race but it wasn’t all plain sailing. The 34 year old Londoner over came a mid race fall and powered clear of the field at the final push.

Not unlike some candidates.. There can sometimes be one if not two or three knock backs before reaching success. Candidates don’t give up, they keep running towards their dream job and take every unsuccessful journey as a learning experience.


The luck of the draw

Michael Conlon has become a household name after his controversial fail to bring home a medal in Rio. Conlon was eliminated at the quarter final stage by a controversial call from the judges that had everyone questioning the scoring system used.


From time to time recruitment consultants have the unpleasant task of delivering bad news to candidates. Feedback from the hiring manager my be all very positive; the candidate may fit the description of the role well but can be often nipped at the post by someone that has just that something that is a little extra special. We find ourselves doubting ourselves, what more could I have done? The candidates ask this very same questions but just sometimes there is no way of predicting the ‘scoring system’ of the interview panel and the standard of the pool of candidates.

It’s important to keep fighting and not go give up!! As a recruitment consultant its my goal to get you to where you want to be with the best outcomes possible.

We will take a journey together to reach the gold position and overcome any obstacle that may come our way!


If I can be of any assistance to you in your search for your next Supply Chain, or IT role, please give me a call on 091-730022 or email


We’re about finding the best in people.

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