Manufacturing Engineer

The demand for experienced strong Manufacturing Engineer professionals continues to rise in 2021. Ireland is still one of the most sought after locations for medical technology manufacturing in Europe. More and more pharma, medtech, and med device companies are choosing to take up residency in the country. Therefore, in Galway, Cork and Dublin the demand for talent is rising. It is clear that in these hubs one of the most sought after roles is that of the ME. But, how does one build a career in this discipline?

What Does A Manufacturing Engineer Do?
As a manufacturing engineer, you will work on a daily basis to improve the process of making products. These products can be within the FMCG and automotive sectors, the pharmaceutical or the medical device sectors to name a few. Moreover, typical responsibilities of the job will include designing new equipment, processes, procedures and systems and/or purchasing and installing equipment.

How Do I Become A Manufacturing Engineer?
To enter into this competitive field you will need to have a bachelor's degree in Manufacturing Engineering, some of Ireland's top universities offer master degrees in the subject, these include: National University of Ireland, Galway, Dublin City University & University College Cork.

What Are The Salary Expectations?
An entry-level manufacturing engineer can expect to earn an average of €38,500 per annum. While more experienced personnel can expect up to €67,000 per annum. These salaries are averaged and do not take into consideration your location. Tradition indicates that you can expect to earn more in Dublin, but it is Galway that has a huge demand and so salaries are increasingly competitive.

How Do I Progress My Career?
HERO pairs the finest engineers with some of the most established life sciences businesses in Ireland. If you’re looking for a career as a manufacturing engineer, make sure you submit your CV today or speak to our experts at Hero Recruitment to find more about what job opportunities there are for qualified manufacturing engineers.