Process Development Engineer

A Process Development Engineer is often compared to a chemical engineer. However, a process development engineer is focused on the mathematics and physics of a process. Whereas, a chemical engineer works on the chemistry contained therein. Essentially a process development engineer will help change materials from their original format into products that consumers will use daily. This is a very varied role, while you will spend most of your time office based, there may be instances where you are required onsite. This could include factories, oil refineries, or industrial plants. 

As a qualified professional some of your responsibilities will be to design, deliver, monitor, and enhance manufacturing processes. For those process engineers that work within the life science sector, such as pharma or medical devices, the processes will often be chemical.  

The responsibilities of this role are diverse. On a daily basis, you will be responsible for manufacturing, monitoring, and testing equipment used in the engineering processes. You will also explore and create 76new equipment to use within the manufacturing processes. As you will be working with numerous stakeholders, you will need strong interpersonal skills. As well as producing risk assessments, you will be responsible for writing up your findings and reporting to senior management. 

An accomplished Process Development Engineer will play an integral role within the manufacturing process. Given their importance, it isn’t surprising that this role has a good starting salary. Those with 1-4 years of experience can expect a salary of up to 40,000e. The average salary in Ireland is over 60,000e but this is commensurate with experience. It is unsurprising that those with more experience will expect a higher salary. 

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