Production Manager

Life sciences companies, particularly those in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors that produce goods will require strong production managers. A production manager oversees production processes to ensure that goods are delivered on time, to budget and will meet the required product specifications. 

Some of your key responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Deciding on the required resources. This should include staff, equipment, and budget
  • Planning and delivering an end to end production schedule
  • Monitoring the production processes, maintaining quality standards and adjusting project parameters as needed
  • Monitoring staff productivity to ensure that deadlines are met. If the output is substandard you will work with team members to maintain motivation. These consistent reviews may lead to recommendations for additional training for staff.

This is a truly collaborative role as you will be working with suppliers, clients and colleagues at all levels to ensure that production processes continue without issue.  Given the fact that you will be working with so many people, excellent communication skills are a necessity. Production managers will have exceptionally strong organisational and planning skills which will enable you to solve complex problems quickly. 

Salaries vary, they will depend on your level of experience, the industry that you are working within and the city. Our data shows that the average salary in Ireland for a production manager is approximately €50,000. To qualify as a production manager you will be expected to have a degree. The degree will depend on the industry that you are choosing to enter.  However, some disciplines which are sector specific may require a degree in mechanical, process or production engineering, materials science or biochemistry. 

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