Production Supervisor

What Does A Production Supervisor Do?
These professionals oversee the labour of individuals manufacturing a product. Typically this will happen in a factory or an industrial workplace. They will organise and monitor workflow on the production floor. Additionally a production supervisor will look for ways to improve employee efficiency that will maximise production output and profits.

What Will I Be Responsible For?
There are a huge number of key responsibilities for a qualified production supervisor. You will create and support the implementation of production policies and procedures. In addition, you will work with teams to ensure that production deadlines are met.

As with most engineering roles, you will need excellent communication skills. In this role, you will need to effectively communicate processes, expectations, and critical deadlines. Given that you are supervising the production processes you will need to ensure that the teams are working efficiently and prioritising where appropriate. You will need to control the quality of manufacturing equipment and establish that health and safety practices are consistently followed. As a production supervisor you will need to be on your toes, tackling problems as they arise. 

How Do I Become a Production Supervisor?
To begin your career in this discipline you will need a degree in engineering or a related field. You will need to be confident with systems and be computer literate. This is as much about people management as it is about production supervision. Given that you will be interacting with teams, the ability to multitask will be crucial. Prior experience supervising teams or production lines may be required.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?
According to those with 1-4 years experience earn on average €40,000. Those with more experience could be termed mid-career  (5-9 years of experience) can earn up to €50,000. Those more experienced individuals can expect to earn in excess of €55,000.

How Do I Progress My Career As Production Supervisor?
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