Project Engineer

A project engineer (PE) combines the skill sets of an engineer with that of a project manager (PM) As a skilled project engineer you will be responsible for project management of technical and engineering projects. If you are the project lead you will be directly responsible for scheduling tasks, managing teams to ensure optimal collaboration, and delivering the project successfully on time and on budget.

Although a PE can be the principle project lead, a project engineer differs from a PM as a large part of their work will be to establish the safety of a project. To do that, a significant part of their work will be to ensure that the established safety parameters are met. As a project engineer, if you are not leading the project, you will be supporting the PM with the more technical / engineering aspects of the program. As a qualified project engineering professional you will be responsible for creating and delivering a detailed project plan. You will manage all assets; staff, resources and budget to ensure the project is successfully delivered.

To be an effective project engineer you will need to be a meticulous planner with exceptional organisational skills. Many projects are very highly matrixed so you will need to have excellent communication skills. With so many stakeholders you will ensure that each team member fully understands their scope, workload and deadlines. You will need to be able to think on your feet and be able to resolve problems as they arise.

Most project engineers are qualified engineers who have decided to specialise in project management. This means that you will need a project management qualification (PRINCEII, PMP, CAPM) combined with practical engineering experience. 

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