Quality Engineer

The roles of Quality Engineer, Quality Assurance & Controls Engineer are prevalent across many industry sectors. These include construction, textiles, automobiles and life sciences. They are so important in these areas because they ensure that products are defect free and that the quality of products remains consistent. 

What Does A Quality Engineer Do?
You will create processes and procedures that ensure manufacturing and business consistency are maintained. As a qualified professional, your main responsibilities will include identifying measures upon which to judge the quality of a product. Product audits will need to be based on ISO 9001:2015 requirements. ISO 9000 standards are internationally recognised metrics that ensure the quality of a product. This ensures the safety of a product to safeguard consumers. You will need to monitor the production cycle of a product. You will also need to report any issues with the product.

What Will I Be Responsible For?
Quality Engineers work with various teams across organisations. These will include; design teams, suppliers, manufacturing teams and customers. So, you will be responsible for collaborating with all of these groups. You will be responsible for developing and implementing quality systems and standards. You will ensure that quality specifications are  met consistently across materials, products and processes. If they are not you will troubleshoot and deliver solutions and improvements on an ongoing basis.

How Do I Become a Quality Engineer?
As with most engineering roles you will need a degree in engineering or science related discipline. It is preferred that most QE’s have experience in coding and can use the necessary QA software with ease.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?
The average salary for a quality engineer is €44,631 per year in Ireland.

How Do I Progress My Career As A Quality Engineer?
Speak to our experts at HERO Recruitment to find more about what job opportunities are available for you.