Test Engineer

If you're thinking about building a career as a Test Engineer, we'll bring you through how to become one and how to further your career.

What Does A Test Engineer Do?
As a qualified Test Engineer, you will be in charge of a lot! This includes product feature analysis, designing test parameters and modifying quality checks. These checks will ensure that products comply with business needs. You will also write up final testing procedures. To ensure success, you should have in-depth knowledge of engineering and product design. You'll also need a good eye for detail and the ability to think out of the box. Ultimately, a top-level professional can create simple yet thorough quality-check procedures to ensure the peak performance of a product.

What Will I Be Responsible For As A Test Engineer

  • You will be responsible for determining a product's testing parameters. Therefore, you must meet on a regular basis with the design team to fully understand the product. 
  • You will need excellent technical writing skills as you will be responsible for writing test plans and creating product test cases.
  • You will write detailed test reports.
  • Additionally, you will be responsible for writing up all quality assurance (QA) and test procedures for technicians. 
  • These testing procedures will need to be reviewed to ensure that any errors are dealt with. 

How Do I Become a Test Engineer?
Typically you will need a  degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering. Many roles will demand that you will have experience with various testing tools such as Apache, Selenium, JMeter, TestStand, and LabVIEW. Please be aware that this is not a definitive list but something to be aware of. You will also need to be knowledgeable about diagramming software. 

As with most engineering roles, you will have excellent problem solving skills, be highly analytical and use these skills to enhance their technical writing to ensure that qualified technicians will easily understand the testing procedures. 

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?
This will vary depending on the level of experience but a starting salary is from 29,000  and this can rise to upwards of 60,000. 

How Do I Progress My Career?
Speak to our experts at HERO Recruitment to find more about what job opportunities there are for test engineers.