Considering returning home to work in Ireland?

Are you pondering a return to Ireland, yearning for the familiar comforts of home, family, and country? Many Irish expatriates find themselves asking this question on a daily basis. I, too, wrestled with this decision for months before finally taking the plunge and returning home.

The process raised numerous uncertainties. Should I wait for a job offer before moving back or search for opportunities after my return? What if I can't find a job? Are there ample job prospects in Ireland? What is the current work environment like in Ireland? These are all valid questions that deserve careful consideration.

After three months of contemplation, I resolved that it was time to make the move. I decided to wait until I returned home before actively seeking employment opportunities. It proved to be the right choice for me. With a well-devised plan in place, I packed up all my belongings and embarked on the journey back home.

After a month of rest and reconnecting with friends and family, I set out to update my CV and circulate it. I had an impressive CV, backed by strong previous work experience. I thought to myself, "How challenging can this be? Surely, someone out there will recognise my expertise and snap me up."

However, after nearly three months of receiving rejection letters one after another, doubts started to creep in. Feeling disheartened and uncertain, I decided to approach things differently. I reached out to some recruitment agencies, but not all responded, and those who did only sent generic email replies.

I visited one recruitment agency in person to discuss job opportunities with an expert in the field. We delved into my job history and the sectors I was interested in. I left the meeting feeling optimistic that they would assist me in my job search. Unfortunately, I never heard from them again.

Another recruitment agency contacted me about a potential job opportunity they believed would align with my interests. As we awaited feedback, they invited me to their office for a CV review. Stepping into their building, I sensed a different atmosphere—a cheerful vibe and friendly individuals. My confidence instantly soared.

Initially, I assumed I would be meeting with one of the agency's recruiters to explore job prospects and career paths. To my surprise, I found myself sitting across from one of the agency's owners. Suddenly, I felt seen and heard. In just a few minutes, she grasped my aspirations, needs, and priorities. All my fears and worries dissipated. If anyone could secure a job for me, it would be her.

She briefly left the room and returned with a smile on her face. The words she uttered nearly knocked me off my feet: "Maureen, we would like to offer you a position here with us as a recruiter." I couldn't believe what I was hearing and asked her to repeat it!

Leaving the office, I felt on top of the world. I had walked in expecting yet another recruitment agency experience, but I emerged with a job offer. When I asked her why, she simply replied, "Because I see something special in you."

She recognised my dedication and achievements in previous roles, and she wanted someone like me to work for her recruitment agency. She not only took my career aspirations seriously but also identified my skills and experiences, suggesting a career path I had never considered before. That's what HERO Recruitment represents.

She saw my potential in recruitment, and five months later, I am still happily working for the agency.

This story imparts a few important lessons to those contemplating a return to work in Ireland or struggling to find employment. Never give up—there is a suitable job opportunity out there for you, perhaps in a field you never imagined. Find that one person who believes in you and invests in your future as much as you do. Discover the recruitment agency that will champion your cause and go above and beyond to help you find the right job. Settling for second best is never an option when it comes to shaping your future.

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