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Overcoming Fear: Embrace Contracting and Transform Your Career

As human beings, fear is a natural part of our lives, regardless of age, knowledge, or experience. It can cripple our spirit, manifesting as that nagging feeling in the pit of our stomachs, plaguing our thoughts and causing unnecessary worry. But fear doesn't have to hold us back. By sharing our worries with understanding and caring individuals, we can find relief. However, what if we don't fully comprehend or understand the source of our fears? Is there a solution?

Sometimes, seeing our fears laid out in black and white can provide clarity. Most fears can be categorized into one of three types:

  1. Fear of losing something you have.
  2. Fear of not obtaining something you want.
  3. Fear of being exposed or "found out."

Let's examine these fears in the context of considering a career move to a contracting job opportunity:

Losing what you have – a permanent job with its benefits.
Pros: A permanent job provides stability, a predictable salary, and familiarity with your role, colleagues, and routine.

Cons: However, you may feel too comfortable or bored in your permanent position, with slower career progression. Plus, familiarity with colleagues may not always be advantageous.

Not getting something you want – a high-paying contract with an ideal company.
Pros: Transitioning to a contracting job offers the opportunity for top pay in a role you love, working with prestigious companies in desired locations, flexibility in choosing contracts, and enhanced career progression through role switching and exposure to new colleagues.

Cons: It's important to note that not all contracting opportunities guarantee the desired pay rate, the company you aspire to work for, or the location you prefer. Contracting also involves frequent travel and change, which may not suit everyone.

Fear of being exposed or "getting found out."
This fear, often causing the most trouble, revolves around the question, "Am I good enough?" It is a concern that can haunt individuals in both permanent and contract roles.

The truth is, job stability is no longer guaranteed in any position. A "permanent" job can disappear as quickly as a contract. The only true stability lies within the individual themselves – their belief in their own capabilities and talents.

The gig economy relies on supply and demand to generate contracting opportunities. If a contractor possesses transferable skills in demand, work will be available. Understanding the skills currently sought-after in the market and by which companies is crucial. This is where our team at HERO Contracting can assist. We provide guidance and help you determine if transitioning to contracting aligns with your goals.

Taking the first step into the world of contracting may feel daunting, but with our support, you can do it! At HERO Contracting, we believe in living life to the fullest, both personally and professionally. Greeting each morning with a smile and a skip in your step as you embark on your workday is possible. The sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that you can do it is truly empowering.

We believe in you, and now it's time for you to believe in yourself and conquer your fears. Say goodbye to fear and embrace the opportunities that contracting can offer.

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