Is workplace wellbeing top of your check list?

Prioritizing Workplace Wellbeing: A Vital Aspect for Your Checklist

Is workplace wellbeing at the top of your checklist? In today's world, workplace wellbeing is gaining increasing recognition. Companies worldwide are actively ensuring the health and happiness of their employees. In Ireland, the significance of workplace wellbeing is evident through the annual National Workplace Wellbeing Day.

The Irish Government's Healthy Workplace Framework, Work Positive Initiative, and the Healthy Ireland Network exemplify the renewed emphasis on improving the mental health and wellbeing of the workforce. Employers now understand that offering attractive financial packages alone is insufficient. It's no longer solely about the money.

A survey conducted by IBEC, which interviewed 1,000 employees last year, supports this notion. Half of the respondents stated that they would consider leaving their job if their employer did not prioritize their wellbeing. Beyond financial incentives, companies can establish a positive company culture where employees feel valued and provide opportunities for personal and professional development. However, some employers go above and beyond.

Personally, I've been fortunate enough to find a company that encompasses all these elements and more. Recently, I made a career move after spending a significant time in my previous role. The primary reason for leaving was the lack of workplace satisfaction.

I know that many individuals share similar experiences. According to a survey by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 22% of Irish workers experience stress most or all of the time. Stress, anxiety, and depression are identified as the primary causes of work-related illnesses in Ireland.

Like countless others, I was in search of better workplace wellbeing. Eventually, I mustered the courage to find it, and I discovered it when I joined HERO Recruitment.

Imagine having the opportunity to participate in a yoga session every Tuesday at work. That's precisely what we do at HERO, and the benefits for the body and mind are truly indescribable.

Often, we're too occupied to pursue such beneficial activities outside of work hours. Having them incorporated into our work schedule is a remarkable advantage.

But that's not all—on Wednesdays, we have Tai-Chi sessions, providing another opportunity to unwind and destress.

Sometimes, even small gestures make a significant difference. For instance, imagine coming to work every Monday to find a fully stocked fruit basket. It may seem simple, but beneath the surface, it communicates that someone cares about your wellbeing.

Another example is the free coffees we enjoy as a reward for a job well done, such as making a successful placement. Trust me, there have been plenty of free coffee days since its introduction! A happy workforce benefits both the employer and the employees.

Ireland has overcome an incredibly challenging decade marked by high unemployment, limited job opportunities, and austerity measures. However, today we are nearly back to full employment, with more job options available than in a long time.

Employees no longer have to accept subpar efforts from employers when it comes to safeguarding their mental health and workplace wellbeing. If one employer fails to provide the ingredients for a fulfilling work life, employees have the option to seek it elsewhere. Companies that prioritize the wellbeing of their staff will retain them while attracting the best talent in the job market. Ultimately, it's a win-win situation for all parties involved.

For more information or to explore attractive roles at HERO Recruitment, feel free to contact me at We’'d be delighted to have a conversation with you about working here at HERO.

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