Millennials want their cake and eat it too!

Achieving Work-Life Harmony: Millennials in the STEM Industry

Millennials are a generation that seeks to have it all. And why shouldn't they? They have redefined the approach to work, valuing a more relaxed yet focused working environment and showing less loyalty to employers. They prioritize work-life balance and are willing to switch jobs to find positions that align with their desires.

The current top criteria for job seekers, especially millennials, include:

Meaningful Work

According to PwC's 14th Annual Global CEO Survey, "meaningful work" emerges as the greatest motivator for job satisfaction. In fact, 77% of participants express that their ability to excel in their jobs depends on finding meaning in their work. This meaning is derived from:

(a) Sharing their unique talents and skills,
(b) Making a positive impact on others' lives, and
(c) Living the desired quality of life.

Flexible Working Hours

Approximately 69% of millennials believe that regular office attendance is unnecessary, with 89% preferring the freedom to choose when and where they work instead of being confined to a traditional 9-5 position. Millennials measure productivity by completed work rather than hours spent in the office.

Having the flexibility to determine their work hours and location allows millennials to create space for family and personal pursuits, which they highly value. As a result, 45% of millennials prioritize workplace flexibility over higher pay.

Training and Development

Today's job seekers, particularly millennials, have a strong drive to continuously expand their skill sets and acquire knowledge. Intellectual stimulation is a key factor in their workplace motivation.

For millennials, it's not just about knowing how to perform a task; they want to understand the "why" behind it. A staggering 95% of millennials state that understanding the importance of a specific task within the context of the company's overarching goals motivates them to work harder.

Social and Fun

While it's true that everyone enjoys having fun, millennials actively seek and even expect it in the workplace. With their less formal, task-oriented approach, they appreciate moments of lightness and enjoyment. This shouldn't be mistaken for laziness or unprofessionalism; in fact, millennials recognize the business value of bonding with teammates and taking breaks for creative inspiration.

Unsurprisingly, 90% of millennials desire a social and fun workplace, and 88% consider a positive company culture essential to their ideal job.

Embracing the needs and preferences of millennials in the STEM industry is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. By offering meaningful work, flexible working arrangements, opportunities for growth and development, and fostering a social and fun workplace culture, employers can create an environment that aligns with the aspirations of this dynamic generation.

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