Online interviews – Why we need to change with the times

Online Interviews - Embracing the Changing Landscape in Ireland

As technology continues to evolve, so does the way we conduct interviews. Gone are the days of traditional boardroom interviews. With the release of the new iPhone 6 and constant technological advancements, online interviews have become the new norm. It's time for us to change with the times.

Digital recruiting is not just a thing of the future; it is the present reality. Companies like HireVue, Vidcruiter, and Sonru are leading the way in streamlining the recruitment process through online interviews. This approach reduces time, costs, and resources involved in the screening process, revolutionizing talent acquisition.

Here are some essential tips for video interviews:

1. Practice Interview: Before the actual interview, it is crucial to complete a practice interview. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the technology and assess the sound and picture quality of your video. Take this opportunity to adjust any technical or other issues and ensure a smooth interview experience.

2. The Importance of Viewing: After recording the practice interview, it's essential to review it. Only proceed with the actual interview if you can hear and see yourself clearly in the playback. Remember, if you can't see or hear yourself clearly, the interviewer will face the same challenge. Take the time to make adjustments to your equipment or recording environment, or seek support if needed. It's better to have a well-prepared interview than a rushed one.

Quick Tips to Improve Video Picture Quality:

- Choose a well-lit room with soft background lighting.
- Find a simple and tidy background for your video.
- Consider wearing white to enhance picture contrast.
- Use a desk light to illuminate your face.
- Avoid using your monitor as a light source.
- Adjust lighting to ensure a clear and bright image.
- If you wear glasses, reduce monitor brightness to minimize glare.
- Position yourself appropriately in the camera view, focusing on your head and shoulders.

This technology, when utilized effectively, can expedite the recruitment screening process in a cost-effective manner. However, it's important to note that face-to-face interaction and human connection remain essential in hiring the right person for the job. Online interviews should be seen as a valuable complement to traditional interviews, not a replacement.

As we move forward, it is crucial to embrace this positive change. Online interviews allow us to complete the initial stage of the interview process comfortably from our own homes. Let's adapt to the changing landscape and leverage the convenience and efficiency that online interviews offer in finding the perfect candidate.

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