Qualifications in the Supply Chain world

Unlocking Opportunities in the Supply Chain Field: Qualifications in Ireland

As the much-anticipated Leaving Certificate results are unveiled today, our thoughts are with the 55,000+ students anxiously awaiting their fate. Their minds are brimming with questions: Did I achieve enough points? Did I make the right course selection? Where will the next four years of my life take me?

While engineering consistently dominates CAO applications, careers in the supply chain field can often be shrouded in doubt or uncertainty.

At CCP Recruitment, we specialize in recruiting for the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, both highly regulated sectors. A noteworthy trend is emerging within our major clients—they now set a benchmark requiring all permanent employees to hold a minimum Level 8 qualification.

But what does a Level 8 qualification entail?

The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) encompasses ten levels that help assess the standard of various qualifications, nationally and internationally.

A Level 8 qualification falls into two categories:

Level 8 Bachelor Honours Degree
"The Honours Bachelor Degree is typically awarded upon completion of a three to four-year program at a recognized higher education institution."

Level 8 Higher Diploma
"The Higher Diploma is usually awarded upon completion of a one-year program at a recognized higher education institution."

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Historically, career progressions in the supply chain field included roles such as logistics specialists, inventory specialists, buyers, planners, and master schedulers. When tasked with recruiting for supply chain jobs like purchasing or planning, I can assure you that possessing a Level 8 qualification is as vital for a supply chain position within the FDA industry as it is for a quality or manufacturing engineering career.

With the medical device sector employing over 24,000 professionals across 160 companies and generating annual sales exceeding €6 billion (IDA Ireland), my advice to today's students is to carefully consider their options and aim higher than Level 7.

Forge a rewarding career path in the thriving supply chain industry. Discover the possibilities that await you with a Level 8 qualification.

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