Shifting Gears Part 1: Discovering Potential

The way we work, or perhaps the lack of it, has undergone a profound transformation in recent weeks. With the majority of us now in lockdown, we find ourselves adjusting to the new normal of working from home or facing an uncertain future without work. Amidst these challenging restrictions, there is one invaluable resource that we now possess in abundance: time.

In a world dominated by instant gratification, online shopping, and the relentless demands of work, stress, anxiety, and fear have become all too familiar. Our obsession with speed has contributed to a health crisis of its own. In this "time-poor" environment, multitasking has been hailed as a necessary skill. However, research suggests that attempting to juggle multiple tasks can result in a staggering 40% drop in productivity. Only a mere 2.5% of the population is adept at processing tasks simultaneously, and those who attempt it are prone to making 50% more errors. The relentless pace often leads to occupational burnout, characterized by exhaustion, negativity, and diminished effectiveness.

The current pandemic has granted us an opportunity to slow down, to reflect, to meditate, and to reconnect with our families. We have the chance to adopt a deliberate and thoughtful approach to everything we do. This concept is not new; the Slow Movement emerged in 1986, and mindfulness training has become increasingly prevalent in many organizations. Slowing down has been proven to yield tangible benefits such as increased productivity, enhanced concentration, and improved accuracy.

Therefore, let us seize this moment to shift gears and embrace each passing moment to its fullest. It is time to focus on what truly matters and cultivate a renewed sense of mental well-being that will endure long after the fog of uncertainty lifts.

With this in mind, we present a series of ten positive actions you can take to enhance your career. Over the next two weeks, we will share a collection of tips and techniques entitled "Shifting Gears: Unlocking Potential." We hope you find this series inspiring and empowering as you embark on this journey of discovery.

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