Shifting Gears Part 10: Zoom Boomers

Embracing the Rise of Video Communication

In the final installment of our series, Shifting Gears, we take a moment to reflect on the changing landscape of communication styles and its implications for future business practices and job opportunities. As we adapt to physical isolation, we find solace in social media and platforms like Zoom, bridging the gap and creating face-to-face interactions. This shift raises an important question: Will face-to-face calls make a comeback in a new generation? Surprisingly, studies show that 75% of millennials prefer texting or emailing over talking, despite its impersonal nature and inefficiency in the business world. Why is there such a disconnection when technology offers so much more? While the answers delve into complex social dynamics, one thing is clear—Zoom-style communication is booming as people strive for genuine connections. With the possibility of prolonged distancing measures, this trend is here to stay. Video meetings have become a norm in our daily lives, leading us to wonder if this will pave the way for a surge in remote work opportunities.

Undeniably, face-to-face meetings remain the best way to make intuitive decisions. Seeing someone on screen helps dispel trust issues that arise from emails, texts, or phone calls. As we grow more comfortable with video technology out of necessity, it may reshape the recruitment process, enabling larger companies to make decisions on overseas hires. Recruitment firms have also leveraged this technology to connect with candidates on a more personal level, enhancing their services.

In these times of physical separation, we've paradoxically grown closer in certain ways. Whatever your current situation, it's crucial to embrace and adapt to the rapid pace of change we're all experiencing. Challenging times lie ahead, particularly for some sectors of our community and workforce. Therefore, supporting and assisting one another to the best of our abilities is paramount. Every day, we witness how people from around the world unite for a common cause.

The entire team at HERO extends our heartfelt wishes for the well-being of you and your families in the days and weeks to come.

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