Shifting Gears Part 5: Future-Proofing Your Career

Amidst the current downtime, it's an opportune moment to evaluate your existing career, contemplate a career switch, or consider upskilling through further education. The world is undergoing rapid transformations in various aspects, particularly in how we conduct business with the aid of new technological platforms. The ongoing crisis has underscored the significance of remote work, as people are compelled to work from home. Individuals worldwide must reevaluate their current situations and adapt to a constantly shifting work landscape. While it may be challenging to predict which careers will provide long-term security, it necessitates a collective effort to assess one's skills and knowledge and share them to enrich not only our own lives but also the lives of others.

Amidst the global situation, several key strategies have emerged to help future-proof careers. Here are some general considerations for sustaining your career over the long haul:

Embrace a global mindset: Developing familiarity with diverse cultures, learning new languages, and engaging in projects that demand global exposure are vital skills. The current crisis has exemplified this need. For instance, Boston Scientific's collaboration on designing and manufacturing ventilators for the Covid-19 crisis highlights the global effort required to address the shortage of ventilators worldwide.

Harness creativity: While there is much talk about the potential threat of artificial intelligence (AI) to jobs, human creativity remains unparalleled. Careers involving a degree of creativity are likely to remain valuable and in demand.

Cultivate compassion: The crisis has witnessed a surge in empathy and compassion from various sectors of society, including nurses, doctors, and police. The prevailing sentiment is that these qualities will be increasingly sought after and expected in all business and societal sectors. Acts of compassion, such as the provision of much-needed ventilators by Medtronic and Boston Scientific, demonstrate the generosity of spirit exhibited by companies and their personnel in supporting fellow humans.

One positive outcome of the crisis has been the opportunity for nature to recuperate. It has also prompted reflection on not only how we work in the future but also where we work. Is it necessary to be based in bustling cities when remote work options are readily available? Could the future involve occasional city commutes for meetings while the majority of our work is conducted from smaller centres or rural areas? Such shifts in our working habits could have significant implications for the environment while concurrently enhancing our well-being, optimizing our time, and reducing stress.

Future-proofing your career now entails considering the broader impact, not just on yourself, but on everyone. Adopting a more holistic perspective on your career is crucial for securing a prosperous future.

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