Shifting Gears Part 6: Consider Contracting

Now is the perfect time to explore the world of contracting! With the unfortunate closure of numerous businesses, both small and large, many individuals are reconsidering traditional employment and embracing the idea of offering their unique skills, expertise, and knowledge to multiple companies. Contracting not only aligns well with the concept of remote work but also grants the freedom to choose new locations. The stability of long-term roles has been disrupted by the global crisis, inadvertently encouraging the global workforce to become more autonomous and creative in exciting new ways. It allows individuals to freely share their exceptional talents with others and presents opportunities for the development of latent skills, enabling one to become a specialist in their chosen field of interest.

The cooperation among various professions in combating the Covid-19 pandemic has been truly inspiring. Irish engineers, designers, and doctors have united their expertise in projects like the Open Source Ventilator group, aiming to develop low-cost, easily assembled ventilators using 3D printing technology. It is through the collaboration of individuals and groups that such initiatives can thrive, highlighting the importance of contracting in bringing people together to achieve remarkable accomplishments.

Contracting offers a multitude of benefits, including flexibility. You have the freedom to select the hours you prefer to work and the type of assignments that align with your interests. It also allows for a more balanced work-life integration, though it does require discipline in managing time both at home and outside. Some contractors find joy in working from home, while others prefer alternative workspaces. An additional advantage of contracting is the opportunity to expand your professional network and potentially command higher pay rates.

Working as a contractor exposes you to a diverse range of individuals with varying cultures and working styles. This invaluable experience fosters tolerance, understanding, and contributes positively to a harmonious world. Furthermore, contracting provides continuous learning opportunities as you engage in new projects, work environments, and systems across different organizations and businesses. Consequently, your value increases, paving the way for higher remuneration in future projects.

Contracting may very well shape the future of work for most individuals in the immediate and long-term. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance and impact livelihoods, people from all corners of the globe will need to discover unique and creative ways to earn a living, ideally pursuing their passions. Unlike computers, humans possess intuition, creativity, and the ability to be one-of-a-kind.

Embrace freedom and make a difference – venture into the world of contracting!

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