The link between fitness and work performance

The Strong Connection Between Fitness and Work Performance

Working in the fast-paced recruitment industry in Ireland can be demanding and often leads to burnout. However, I've discovered a remarkable improvement in my well-being since committing to regular exercise. Whether I'm recruiting for engineering jobs, science jobs, R&D jobs, or supply chain jobs in Ireland, my ability to deliver has significantly improved.

Research has unveiled the profound impact of exercise on brain structure. Let's dive into the science a bit. Studies have shown that exercise, be it a brisk walk, a run, boot camp classes, or cardio workouts, rebalances neurotransmitters and other brain chemicals. In simpler terms, it influences brain activity related to mood, attention, learning, and motivation.

Exercise also equips the brain and body to cope better with stress, which is excellent news for those working in high-pressure environments (Can I get an amen?). That's why you're likely to experience increased calmness, heightened alertness, enhanced motivation, and improved focus after a workout session.

While it's insightful to read articles and research findings on the connection between exercise and work performance, personal experiences add a valuable perspective.

That's where I come in.

Until last year, I wasn't a regular gym-goer. Sure, I enjoyed long walks, but the idea of running on a treadmill in a crowded gym didn't appeal to me. I made countless excuses, claiming that work was too demanding, I lacked time, and any free time I had should be spent with friends and family (sound familiar?).

However, a turning point came when I suffered a severe back injury (bulged/slipped discs—ouch!) and had to take a break from physical activities for a couple of weeks. Crutches became my closest companions, and even the simplest tasks became nightmarish challenges. It was during this time that I realized I needed to take action. I never wanted to experience that pain again—I wanted to become stronger, and I did just that.

I researched local gyms in my area. As mentioned earlier, I didn't want to be left to my own devices with a treadmill. I craved a different gym experience—one that focused on building strength, fostering motivation, offering classes with like-minded individuals, and enabling me to surpass personal goals. And I found it.

Boot camp classes have been the best decision I've ever made. The trainers are exceptional, making workouts enjoyable. Admittedly, it's tough to walk after leg day, but it's worth every bit of effort. And I'm getting stronger, which was my primary goal. Being able to deadlift 100kg at 5'3" with a history of back problems is an achievement in itself. Training four days a week no longer feels like a chore—I genuinely cherish every moment spent there.

So how does all of this tie in with my work performance? Before I started training, I felt exhausted, lacked motivation, and wasn't in the best health. Fast forward to today, and I'm in a new job at CCP Recruitment that I love. I'm motivated, constantly pushing myself to excel, and willingly stay late to catch up on work because I want to, not because I have to. Plus, I feel better mentally and physically.

Let's simplify things: Consistency leads to significant rewards, both in your work and in the gym. On the other hand, inconsistency and excuses result in minimal rewards in both areas.

When you have a plan and the necessary motivation, things can become remarkably straightforward.

Take a moment to make a decision and commit to positive changes—you'll experience amazing transformations in both your work and fitness journeys.

Focus on consistency, well-being, and enjoying your training and work environment.

These actions have made me a much happier person and have given me a renewed

 zest for life. I didn't want to settle for mediocrity—I aspired to be the best.

If you take the plunge and engage in a training program, join a team, or simply decide to go for brisk walks a few times a week, you'll quickly toss your excuses out the window.

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