Travelling home for Christmas – why not make the move a permanent one?

Travelling Home for Christmas – Embrace New Opportunities in the STEM Industry in Ireland

'Tis the season when many Irish expatriates make the journey back home to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. And amidst the festivities, some may find themselves contemplating a permanent return to Ireland, especially now that the country is experiencing a resurgence since the recession of 2008.

During the past eight years, those who left the country were met with understanding rather than judgment. The recession not only limited opportunities but also cast a shadow of hopelessness over our daily lives. The weight of the crisis was palpable, affecting us on a profound level.

However, today's Ireland is a far cry from the Ireland of a few years ago. Austerity measures have been endured, and the winds of change are blowing. In the last 12 months alone, the number of unemployed individuals has decreased by a staggering 12.5%.

Opportunities are blossoming across various fields. The medtech sector, in particular, has experienced remarkable growth, employing approximately 30,000 professionals nationwide. In fact, Ireland stands as the second-largest employer of medtech professionals per capita in Europe.

The IT sector has also witnessed significant expansion, with diverse opportunities emerging in finance, healthcare, insurance, and other industries that rely on managed services providers for their daily IT needs.

The financial sector presents a wide array of possibilities, and the implications of Brexit are expected to further bolster this industry. Ireland is an obvious choice for financial services companies seeking to relocate their EU headquarters, with many already in the process of doing so. Consequently, the country must rise to the challenge of providing a skilled workforce to meet this increasing demand.

Furthermore, a report commissioned by the Construction Industry Federation reveals that the construction sector alone can support an additional 112,000 jobs until 2020. These jobs encompass various engineering roles and offer employment opportunities to tradespeople across the country.

The government remains committed to creating 200,000 jobs by 2020, with 135,000 of these positions outside of Dublin.

Thus, the year 2017 and beyond hold great promise for Ireland—a time of exciting opportunities for those considering a permanent return. The reality is that the country needs its talented individuals to fuel this expansion.

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