Up the Creek without a Paddle…..without Software Automation Engineers

Up the Creek without a Paddle: Addressing the Shortage of Software Automation Engineers in Ireland

In the current landscape, it's evident that there is a significant shortage of Software Automation Engineers. Are recruiters finding it equally challenging to source experienced software automation engineers with three to four years of expertise? It seems we find ourselves in a familiar predicament. Have we not learned from the past?

Could this shortage be due to a sudden surge in demand? There is undoubtedly an increase in demand across Europe and beyond. Irish highly skilled engineers are enticed by the opportunities, quality of life, attractive lifestyle, and more favorable taxation regimes abroad. With the prevalence of social media, these engineers can be easily located. Perhaps a prevailing trend and a sense of adventure have led to the mobility of a generation of highly skilled engineers. The question is, how do we entice them to return?

While we have well-established third-level programs and ample support from manufacturing companies to meet future needs, it doesn't immediately address the shortage of experienced engineers.

So, how can we attract our senior automation engineers, who have secured lucrative contracts abroad, back to Ireland? Simply emphasizing the great weather, even when it rains, won't cut it, I'm afraid.

The Irish finance powers once had a dream—a dream of offering tax breaks, free water, or reductions on Local Property Tax (LPT) to returning expats in areas with skill shortages, hoping to encourage them to flood back into the country. Sadly, it remained just a dream.

On a more serious note, how can we make Ireland a more appealing option for our software automation expats, or any skilled engineers for that matter, to return?

We are eager to hear your ideas on how we can address this pressing issue. Together, let's explore ways to overcome the shortage and create a thriving ecosystem for software automation engineers in Ireland.

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