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EHS Specialist II

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Emma Griffin
+353 860334325
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Contract Role 


  • Ensure that the highest standards of Environmental Health and Safety are maintained throughout the plant in an ever-changing business environment.
  • Foster a positive culture of continuous improvement while also ensuring that the site complies with all statutory Employment and EHS related legislation, AbbVie Corporate Technical Standards and AbbVie Policies.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant EHS legislation and develop systems and procedures that optimizes the safety, health and environmental performance of the Site.
  • Ensure that effective contractor management systems and procedures are followed and maintain Contractor Safety Performance KPI’s.

Requirements Essential Requirements

  • BSc in Occupational Safety & Health Level 8, or equivalent, or a degree in a related discipline is a necessary requirement for this position
  • 2-3 years relevant experience

Desired Requirements

  • Internal Occupational Health and Safety Management System Auditor (ISO 45001 & ISO14001)

Job Skills/Experience Required

  • Provide direction and support to the site in meeting the requirements of the AbbVie Global EHS Management and Technical Standards, ISO and other external regulations.
  • Maintain ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Certification.
  • Liaise with Managers /Ensure employees are trained to a defined competency standard with all applicable EHS policies and procedures.
  • Perform Risk assessments throughout the plant and oversee and monitor training on risk assessments.
  • Ensure adequate training is in place to ensure that employees and contractors can perform their roles in compliance with all EHS standards.
  • Manage the EHS Assessment of all new chemicals and processes.
  • Implement ongoing evaluation of EHS awareness activities and develop continuous improvement on EHS programmes.
  • Provide EHS reports to Division and Corporate as requested.
  • Support, improve and continuously monitor the Site Emergency Response Plan to ensure it meets the requirements of changing processes.
  • Support the Emergency Response Team during an EHS emergency.
  • Support EHS activities during construction phases.
  • Assist in induction and training of new and/or existing employees.
  • Auditing to ensure compliance with safety standards and with the corporate management and technical standards.
  • Monitor and achieve environmental targets such as recycling, waste, emissions etc.
  • Maintain the AbbVie Global incident reporting system.
  • Maintains and enforces the requirements of the sites environmental licence.

Cognitive Skills

  • Sustained Attention, the position requires a high level of attention to detail and mental concentration, to ensure total compliance with safety policies, procedures and legislative requirements at all times.
  • Response Inhibition – avoid distractions.
  • Speed of Information Processing.
  • Cognitive Flexibility and Control, the position requires proven problem solving skills, and the ability to adapt to new manufacturing processes on a regular basis.
  • Multiple Simultaneous Attention.
  • Working Memory.
  • Category Formation.
  • The position requires proven technical skills, to ensure the person can cope with the technical demands of the position at all times.
  • The position requires the total commitment to quality and safety at all times.


  • Every employee has a personal responsibility to commit to the AbbVie Vision, to engage and align with the AbbVie Strategic Imperatives, and to consistently execute in accordance with the AbbVie Operational Pillars and AbbVie Ways of Work.


  • May be required to support Cross functional teams and cost improvement projects.

Decision Making/Impact

  • Ability to make key strategic decisions in a timely manner in support of organisations, goals and targets complimenting a highly focused and effective organisation.

Supervision Received/Provided

  • Supervision provided by Department Manager providing clear and concise goals and routine objective.

EHS Responsibilities

  • Comply with the EHS policy and procedures and demonstrate EHS best practices in all work activities.
  • Continually be conscious of your own safety and that of others, always complying with safety notices and barriers.
  • Report any EHS incidents and/or Near Misses (unsafe acts and conditions) immediately to your supervisor and always raise the event in EHS system.
  • Support a culture of EHS excellence by recognizing and submitting opportunities for EHS improvement on EHS system.
  • Attend all required EHS training and medical surveillance programs.
  • Wear PPE as required.

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